New Year, New Challenge

Yep, I admit it.

I started this blog with the best of intentions.

I had all these big plans of updating this blog weekly (or more) with all sorts of fascinating content…Recipes so succulent-sounding that the masses would weep. Funny stories of my culinary adventures. Gorgeously staged photos that dared readers to not try the accompanying recipe. Reviews of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) restaurants I’d visited…

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men and all…

Life, sometimes, has a way of getting in the way, unfortunately.  And by life, I really mean work, which got pretty hectic shortly right after I started the blog. Between costume design and promotional work, I was swamped and, unfortunately, had to put my bad-ass-ness on the back burner. I did, however, make a resolution to myself to make more time for things other than making a living-things that make me happy and enrich my life, and this blog is one of them. So, my apologies for slacking off.  I promise I’ll be better about keeping The Domestic Badass chock full of great content and keep it updated weekly. And as usual, if you have a great recipe, restaurant or story, shoot me an e-mail and who knows, you too may become a fabulously famous, sought after foodie… Well, you may get your idea published on this blog at least…

Ok, enough with the intro, on to the challenge!

My hubby has officially thrown down the gauntlet and issued me a culinary challenge. The idea came to him last night as we were eating a simple dinner of my famous tuna salad sandwiches and leftover mac and cheese (home-made of course). We’re on a tight budget after the holidays, as usual, and trying to save cash where we can. Gary got “that” look in his eyes..The one that he gets when he comes up with a really inspired idea. He said, “OK, I’m issuing a challenge. Let’s see what you can come up with on a budget.” And I said, “Ok, what are the guidelines”. He looked at me and thoughtfully chewed a bite of tuna sandwich, swallowed and said: “Gourmet meals that are delicious and healthy for two for $15 a night. Is that realistic?” And, unfazed, I said: “Oh, I thought you were gonna say 10 bucks.” To which he replied: “Well I was thinking $10, but I figured that would be unrealistic.” To which I replied (with a cocked eyebrow): “Puh-leeeze…” So he said, “OK, the one rule I’m giving you is that you have to record this on your blog” and I said, “Deal.”

And so the Ten Dollar Gourmet Challenge was born.

And so I begin my quest to bring awesome, budget friendly meals to the masses. My goal is to create delicious, healthy recipes that taste and look like they came from a gourmet restaurant, but on a tight budget and easy enough for anyone to prepare. Yes, I think this will be totally possible and to add to the ease of prep, I’m planning to do a webisode series so you guys can follow the journey along with me. So stay tuned and wish me luck!

Till next time…have fun, and be fearless! (and frugal!)


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