Wow, do I suck or what?

Yep, I admit it.

I officially suck.

I have been a neglectful mother.

No, I did not produce an heir to the Domestic Badass Empire (tiny as it may be) in my almost year-long absence to my blog. I suck because of that year long absence.

So once again, I shall try to keep my 3.75 fans updated with all the crazy goings in my orbit.  And yes, there will be recipes.

I never meant to take such a long break, but life kinda took off running, with me going as fast as my tiny little legs would carry me in an effort to try and catch up.  So, in an attempt to play catch up, here are a few of the highlights, in bullet point form:

  • I got a cool temp gig as a talent scout for the hit ABC show “SuperNanny”. This was a ton of fun and deserves it’s own entry, so I’ll tell you all about it soon.
  • We bought a house!! And let me tell you, I totally earned my Domestic Badass title this summer as the hubby and I did renovations…Tons of  stories there, let me tell you…(and I will…)…Insulation, ants, gallons of paint, hundreds of square feet of hardwood flooring and an unknown species of beetle the size of a third world country…
  • Lots of awesome promo gigs
  • And a fantastic (and much needed) vacation to Disney World to cap the year off

I promise to share the goods soon, as well as a new recipe for some good comfort food that will make this winter seem not so bleak.  So happy 2011 everyone and remember to have fun  and be fearless!

xoxo Registered & ProtectedMCN: BC3RC-HW6SL-YT7A7

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