Grill Girl

Nothing like reading about someone else’s joys on the open flame to work up a good case of “grill-envy”. Since our grill is currently ka-put, I’ve been fantasizing about skirt steak ever since I read this post from my buddy Camille, of “What’s Camille Dewing”. Now, if I can find a way to get that marinade recipe…

What's Camille Dewing?

Far be it from me to become a food blogger.  I leave that heavy lifting to my good friend, The Domestic Badass, who launched her official website last week.  Still, I love food.  I wish I’d
been one of those fashionistas who instead posts pictures of her latest ensembles—I’d be much more chic and thin.  Yet, while I can’t bring myself to spend $100 on a new pair of shoes, I’ll go broke for a good meal.

 Hence, much of my hot summer has been standing at my hot grill, smoking out the neighbors with everything from chicken and ribs to burgers and dogs to skirt steaks and a London Broil marinated in Coca-cola (yeah, you read that right).   Maybe it’s overkill, but when you’ve been without a grill and backyard for as long as we have, you’ll grill romaine lettuce just for the hell of it (try it…

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