The Winning Loser

From the desk of The Badass: “Here at DBA HQ, we’re all about having fun and being fearless. With today being International Women’s Day, I can’t think of a better post to share than this one by my good friend, Camille of the popular “What’s Camille Dewing” blog. No guts, no glory as I always say. Don’t let your fear stand in the way of living your dreams! Thanks for the inspiration, Camillle!”

What's Camille Dewing?

What do they say? There are million stories in the naked city?  Here’s mine from Saturday night:  Hubs and I went to see The Loser’s Lounge—an amazing musical lineup who perform at Joe’s Pub, one of the most celebrated performance venues in Manhattan.  It works like this: The band picks an artist, say, The Jackson Five or Burt Bachrach or Dolly Parton, and then they play that artist’s songs, backing up a cavalcade of singers familiar to the NYC music scene.  This show is pure fun and almost always sold out.  Hubs and I first saw The Loser’s at their tribute to Neil Diamond a few years back. Imagine a punk rock version of “Kentucky Woman,” a sultry torch rendition of “Red Red Wine,” even a devastatingly and wonderfully campy twist on “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.”  Loser’s mainstay and backup singer, Tricia Scotti, performed a version of “Holly…

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