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All of the content on this site is either owned by Annamarie Gatto, aka, The Domestic Badass (food photos, recipes and posts) or is used with permission/royalty free and may not be reproduced without written permission. Please feel free to laugh at my misadventures, drool over my Food Porn and enjoy cooking my recipes in your home, but I’m sorry, you can’t use anything on this site in a cook book, restaurant, blog site, cooking show etc. You get the picture. Come on, you wouldn’t like it if someone else took credit for your work now, would you? The Badass is nice and all but plagiarism makes me want to kick ass.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, The Domestic Badass is a Federally Registered Trademark, owned by yours truly, so don’t get any crazy ideas…Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! Now, back to the kitchen with you! xoxo

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