Who is The DBA anyway?

I am a self-trained cook, professional costume designer, woodworker, visual artist, actor, blah blah blah….

Yeah, I have my little fingers in lots of tasty little pies, but I love it  that way. Variety is, after all, the spice of life. And I loooove spice (don’t believe me?…you oughtta see my kitchen.

I learned to cook growing up in an Italian family. I was that pesky kid who always hung around and asked to mix the meatballs. Fun times…

I love finding old pieces of furniture out on the curb on trash day and remaking them into works of art…sometimes with insane success, and sometimes, well, they end up back on the curb. What can I say about the best laid plans and all…

Performing is in my blood. I love the theatre and whether I’m working onstage as an actor or behind the scenes as a Costume Designer or Scenic Artist,  my creative side is fed by just being in a theatre.

I’m not perfect.

Perfection is highly overrated. (Tried it.  Once.  Just once.)

I do love to take chances and try new things-from foods to painting techniques. I love to create. I love to give joy to others, whether it’s an awesome, home cooked meal or a piece of jewelry I’ve created or a fantastic costume. I really just love making people happy and giving them a little bit of magical fairy dust in their everyday life. I started this blog to share my love of food and all things “domestic”, but in a way that is accessible and not intimidating, so anyone who’s ever said “I can’t do that” will be able to say  with pride, “I did that!”

So to all of  you who have  tried but have fallen short of the “Goddess” standard, I urge you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and live life with Gusto!

Goddesses maybe perfect, gorgeous and tall, but Badasses have more fun!


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